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HEX is the only crypto that has on-chain provable staying power and a Staker class that has sovereignty over its monetary policy. Currently, the demand is use case driven, with not much traders messing with it. This has certain predictable consequences. For example, the Staker class can leverage its staked value with relatively small monetary and market interventions. This may result in sequences of weak hand shakeouts followed by new all time highs until a market cap proper for a blockchain certificate of deposit use case is finally achieved. We are talking of no less than several trillion USD market cap upon global adoption. We are talking about monetizing the time value of money, possibly the most desired financial use case for every living person. The product-market fit is without doubt the best of all current crypto products.

Can HEX achieve adoption? Since it is decentralized, it needs a good community of intelligent and capable promoters educating users, best developers developing the peripheral infrastructure, and lots of enthusiasm by users. It also needs marketing to establish trademark awareness and apps for easy onramp/offramp directly from fiat money.

Does HEX have all that? HEX already has the strongest and best community in crypto. It got free advertisement from haters with the “HEX is a scam!” campaign, advertisement for nocoiners started already during the launch phase, and developers already built peripheral infrastructure (e.g., see Staker.app). And the enthusiasm is unimaginable, consequence of completed product with no promises.

And the shares? Everyone who figured out how the HEX shares system work was immediately fascinated by their potential. For the first time we have a cryptocurrency where one can decide to be either in the inflationary or deflationary position. The inflation of HEX tokens and deflation of HEX shares is a fascinating balance of monetary policy that can be tapped for mad gainz.

The “longer pays better” phrase is more than just a catchphrase. It makes the “stake it till you make it” moto the real deal. Multiyear stakes not only get LongerPaysBetter bonus shares, but may be long enough to lock in shares to extend into the total shares deflation. This means that longer stakes get up to 3x higher interest rate from the start. But perhaps more importantly, once their share ratio starts increasing due to total shares becoming scarcer, the interest can skyrocket. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) considerably higher than 100% is totally within the possibilities for 10 to 15 years long stakes. Such return multiplied by price appreciation may be unimaginable, even for crypto moonbois.

This realisation resulted in an interesting trend in the Hexican community, the so called “5555 days club”. Membership in this club is permissionless, all it takes is to have a 5555 days stake of any size, also called a “quatro-cinco stake”. Hexicans spontaneously started posting screenshots of their 5555 day stakes in the Telegram group and this is still ongoing. It appears to be the typical symptom of realisation of what shares are.

by abit_HEX, based on real events

Certainly, the motivation is partly to make a lottery type of investment, but let’s not forget that the staying power of HEX greatly facilitates such decisions. It is nevertheless amazing that a whale dwarfed all the 5555 day club members with a 922 million HEX quatro-cinco stake.

Just before the BigPayDay, a generous Hexican donated me 55,555 HEX (worth 444 USD at the time of writing). I decided to stake it for 5555 days on the donation address that I dedicated for my son and daughter, to have a good start for when they will start their adult life. It’s not my first quatro-cinco stake, but it is now the biggest. I also decided that I will be staking all donations for 10-15 years.

Thank you dear anonymous donator for my 5555 days club certificate of deposit!


By @Benzenoid

Disclaimer: None of the above is meant to be a financial advice. Never rely on a single source of information and do your own research before any investment. Don’t trust, verify!

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