General security warning: Only use hardware wallets to hold your keys! You can interface your hardware wallet trough Metamask in order to interact with contract frontends. Do not hold keys in a software wallet!

Contract address

Etherscan link
Verified contract code
Contract audits and layman guide
Warning: Never send anything directly to the HEX contract address! Always use a contract frontend. HEX sent directly to the contract address cannot be retrieved by anyone.

Smart contract frontends

Always use a hardware wallet and do not hold your keys on any devices connected to the Internet.
You can verify the authenticity of any frontend by checking the contract address in the wallet transaction dialog box before you confirm.
If you seek support or advice, only do so in publicly reviewed chat groups – only scammers will contact you privately to offer support (this is a general rule of all decentralized products). For Metamask wallet – but not for Standalone Metamask on Android, Trust wallet, Coinbase wallet; original frontend; seek support at @HEXCrypto. A frontend for the HEX contract (as well as for Hedron and Icosa 3rd party contracts built on top of HEX). It supports Metamask and Wallet Connect protocol; seek support at @HedronCrypto For Metamask wallet; seek support at @HEXCrypto or contact @Codeak. For TrustWallet, CoinbaseWallet, imToken or Metamask, and others via WalletConnect protocol; seek support at @HEXCrypto for Ledger: For Ledger Nano S or X; seek support at @HEXCrypto for Trezor: For Trezor; seek support at @HEXCrypto An excellent Android and iOS app for following your stakes, HEX statistics, and HEX related on-chain transactions, it also acts as a HEX contract frontend for Gnosis smart addresses generated by the app; allows swapping and paying network fees with HEX, USDC or ETH; has referral program incentives. Unfortunately, it does not have a desktop version and doesn’t support hardware wallets. For Metamask, including Standalone Metamask, imToken, Coinbase, TrustWallet, and others via WalletConnect protocol; seek support at @HEXCrypto. For Metamask and others via WalletConnect protocol. It includes the chart of future market supply to aid the staking length optimization; seek support at @HEXCrypto.

In the unlikely case that all contract frontends go off-line, here are the instructions on using to interface the HEX contract.

APPs for mobile devices An amazing HEX contract frontend and stake management tool.

Information: Introduction, Features and Security

HEX Toys: Android mobile multipurpose apps for HEX and Uniswap; support group @hextoys.


Hedron is a third party DAPP that allows the creation of tokenized HEX stakes (bonds) and use of these as collateral for borrowing HDRN tokens.

Hedron: official website and contract frontend

Icosa-Hedron: offical website for staking HDRN and ICSA

HSI Watch: stake viewer

Other third party DAPPs

(Make sure you inform yourself thoroughly on how these APPs and DAPPs work.)

HEXref: Referral system contract for HEX.

HEXnado: Coin anonimizer – fork of the contract; frontend still rudimentary; note that the anonymity set is still small and fees are currently high; support group @HEXnado.

Cryptocurrency market data aggregators

These data aggregating sites are best for viewing market information about HEX:
Nomics (best crypto ranking site of 2020 according to BTI)
Yahoo! finance

Where to buy and sell HEX?