Contract address

Etherscan link
(Never send anything directly to HEX contract address! Always use a contract interface.)

Smart contract frontends

(You can verify the authenticity of any frontend by checking the contract address in the wallet transaction dialog box before you confirm.) (for Metamask wallet – but not for Standalone Metamask on Android, Trust wallet, Coinbase wallet; original frontend; seek support at @HEXCrypto) (for Metamask wallet; seek support at @HEXCrypto or contact @Codeak) (for Ledger Nano; support group @hardhexsupport) (for TrustWallet, CoinbaseWallet, imToken or Metamask, and others via WalletConnect protocol; support group @hardhexsupport) (for Metamask, including Standalone Metamask, imToken, Coinbase, TrustWallet, and others via WalletConnect protocol)

In the unlikely case that all contract frontends go off-line, here are the instructions on using to interface the HEX contract.

APPs for mobile devices (an Android and iOS app for following your stakes, HEX statistics, and HEX related on-chain transactions, will also act as a HEX contract frontend upon upgrade)

HEX Toys (Android mobile multipurpose apps for HEX and Uniswap; support group @hextoys)

Third party DAPPs and APPs

(Make sure you inform yourself thoroughly on how these APPs and DAPPs work.)

HEXnado (coin anonimizer – fork of the contract; frontend still rudimentary; note that the anonymity set is still small and fees are currently high; support group @HEXnado)

HEXOTC (smart contract for OTC trading; support group @HEXotc)

On-chain HEX token swap (Decentralized exchanges – DEX)

Uniswap (Official Uniswap smart contract v1 and v2 frontend. To access pairs with HEX select Token lists “1inch” or “Kleros T2CR”. Increase the Transaction deadline on Uniswap settings to prevent transaction timeouts)
The custom Uniswap frontend has the HEX coin already selected.

Mooniswap (Official Mooniswap smart contract frontend. May have low liquidity, so check price slippage before executing the trade.) (smart contract that allows limit orders for Uniswap; new edition of the UniswapEX contract; not audited; support group @UniswapEX)

1inch Exchange (DEX aggregator. Searches for the best deal and executes trade. Beware of more expensive ethereum fees.)

Bitcoin (BTC), Zcash (ZEC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be wrapped onto the Ethereum network trough RenBridge and the wrapped coins swapped to HEX using Uniswap or other DEX, or using the 1inch DEX aggregator.

Direct fiat money on-ramps (debit card purchase, not for USA citizens) (SEPA bank transfer or debit card)

Centralized exchanges (CEX)

Coinswitch (aggregates liquidity from centralized exchanges; no KYC)

Changelly (aggregates liquidity from centralized exchanges; no KYC)

ChangeNow (aggregates liquidity from centralized exchanges; no KYC)

Atomic cryptocurrency wallet allows swapping HEX within the wallet (uses Changelly and ChangeNow).

A good option is also to buy ETH on a trusted and reputable CEX, such as Bitstamp, Kraken, or Coinbase, and then swap that ETH for HEX on Uniswap or Mooniswap.

List of centralized exchanges supporting HEX: HEX is listed on dozens of CEX. However, these require custody of funds and thus represent counterparty risks. If you have to use them, make sure you chose a trustworthy exchange with a good reputation.

Layer 2 exchanges

Honeyswap on the Ethereum xDai layer 2 has HEX listed, but there is currently no useful liquidity available. May change in the future.

Cryptocurrency market data aggregators

These data aggregating sites are best for viewing market information about HEX:
Nomics (best crypto ranking site of 2020 according to BTI)