The revolution in finance you probably missed: HEX!

Hi! I’m Luke. Long term crypto enthusiast, bitcoin HODLer & early adopter of HEX. You might know me from Twitter or have seen me hanging out in SciVive & HEXcrypto, where I act as a moderator. On my now around three-year long journey with cryptocurrency I have acquired lots of knowledge, experience & met several like minded individuals I’d never thought possible when I first put my mind to this topic.

Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice, just to be clear. You might not know this, but people really do lose money in crypto. Considering this a warning. Do your own research & hold yourself accountable for your decisions.

After continuously learning about this market & taking part in it I’ve grown pretty confident in‘s product market fit & use case. What is the main use case of any cryptocurrency? Why does HEX do well in this department?

The market has decided they are speculation & store of value (SOV). The underlying technology, with amazing potential to be world changing, is a vital foundation, but not enough on its own. To change the world for the better we need real adoption, which we can only achieve when every human, not only has heard of cryptocurrency, but has adopted it. To achieve this, speculation & SOV are the means. Mainly caring about the price of the asset is totally fine as the currency use case requires critical mass to achieve efficiency. It serves a greater purpose while also having the potential to make early adopters rich in the process.

So, what does that have to do with HEX? The good news is: HEX is killing it in the areas most important: Speculation & SOV. HEX not only serves the only two use cases in crypto that have any real adoption, but it is also specifically designed & maintained to do this in the best possible way. Serving the main motivations for people buying any financial asset well ensures optimal product market fit. How does HEX do this?

A way HEX does this is through its design. HEX is the world’s first Certificate of Deposit (CD) / Time-deposit on the blockchain. Monetizing the value of the arguably most precious good for humans: time. To replace the legacy monetary system with something superior, one ought to replace more than currency alone, but every popular product available at a bank. Outside of blockchain, CDs / Time-deposits are a trillion-dollar market which was unexplored before HEX. Currently there is still huge potential & opportunity left to take advantage of.

by abit_HEX

Hexicans (yes, this is how we are called) including me have talked about HEX’ design in depth a lot in the past. I‘m going to briefly mention some key points, enough for you to do some research on. This first outing in text form of mine should be taken as a call to action, with a more in depth look regarding game theory coming in another article later. Stay tuned.

  • Immutable, three times audited smart contract without admin keys
  • Stakers get paid trustless interest maintaining full control of private keys
  • Share system ensuring longer pays better emulating compound interest
  • Truth engine incentivizes good behaviour, punishes ending stakes early/late
  • Best stats in crypto with huge amount of community made websites & apps
  • The smart contract is written competently, if you’re a developer, take a look

HEX is a thing of beauty. Seriously. Do the research & be impressed! This rabbit hole goes deep…

Just last week we got an amazing update for our killer app:

QR link for installing Staker on your mobile device.

Resources can be found:

There is a wide variety of HEX content creators:

Recently we held the first HEX-conference:

By Luke

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