The rhythm of HEX

We have a few artistically talented Hexicans that created HEX related music in the last year. It all started with amazing short songifications of Richard Heart’s interviews by Post Polar, our most productive member.

Post Polar: Billion Dollar Bitcoin (January 2020)
“How can they do that?!”

Post Polar: Dance Monkey (February 2020)
“You should not trade!”

Post Polar: Shake It Off (February 2020)
“They have control over you”

Post Polar: Last Of The Real Ones (February 2020)
“Bring your heroes here to die!”

Post Polar: Uni Uni Swap (February 2020)
“I love the fact that we have real programable money”

Post Polar: 10000X (February 2020)
“HEX is complete … smart fu*ker that I am”

Post Polar: Hex! Don’t Back Off (February 2020)
“Let me tell you why blockchain sucks”

Post Polar: STFU (March 2020)
“If you cannot understand why a coin is the top 10, you need to shut the f*** up!”

At that time, another musician, Eyqualle, also created a humorous rhythmic piece with excerpts from Richard’s video streams:

Eyqualle: Together to the Moon
“You don’t get to be just the bank, you actually get to be the FED”

In October 2020, BTC Upload posted a rap song about the BigPayDay:

BTC Upload: HEX Token Big Pay Day Official Rap Music Video
“HEX token is on the way, revolutionary crypto … here come the BigPayDay”

A cover version with drums was already created by a jjamesdrumss:

jjamesdrumss: cover version of HEX Token Big Pay Day Official Rap Music Video

In November 2020, a real rap masterpiece was created by FreddieQuotes that was immediately adopted for its intended use case of being a Hexican anthem:

FreddieQuotes: Hexican Anthem
“HEX is like nothing that you ever been trough. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the pumpamentals.”

Cryptygirl, a young crypto enthusiast made a thank you rap for a huge HEX donation by our most famous whale Skicat:

Her rap was immediately remixed into a catchy tune by 2 Negative:


The latest artist to join the Hexican musical gang is Corey An Investor:

Corey An Investor: I’m A Hexican
“HEX cuts out the middleman. That’s the original plan, so you never get scammed, you mint your own coins.”

Corey An Investor: Economical Slang
“This is not financial advice, so let’s be clear, but HEX did go up when the market went down.”


And if you want the singer-songwriter description of what HEX is, there Fiona singing it for you:

Fiona: HEX Cryptocurrency Song
This cryptocurrency Is the best you’ll ever see


Which one you like the most? Comment below, and please encourage the authors to make more music by donating to their Ehtereum addresses below:

Eyqualle: 0xdbDff0f4BA74Afc4FC7213dF3f261D8d034f7dE4

BTC Upload: 0x21eB12C79944FD891E57cAcDF9d20EE0FB8F4d7B

FreddieQuotes: 0xa284732A681eee3b1b4523D66f35B83Ec32A1721

2 Negative: 0xeA1207d9fe52f60ae6EAE335eFd68b3820BB03ee

jjamesdrumss: 0x701B43B9e1aD5FD6039D0dd9d04FEb913b952be4

Fiona: 0x10963E683805Ca725F1E1176eb0fC7a838546279

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